Environmental Advice

I can provide advice in environmental planning and environmental assessment.

I can advise you about the environmental requirements of planning applications. I can collaborate with your team or introduce you to my network of experienced environmental advisors.

Project Management

I am an experienced environmental project manager. I work within the planning stage of schemes.

Both EIA and non EIA development projects can benefit from my skills. I work with client teams to embed environmental mitigation into the design of schemes.

EIA Screening

I can help you determine whether your project may require EIA.

There may be opportunities to avoid potentially significant effects through embedding mitigation. These opportunities are best identified early in the process.

EIA Scoping

Where EIA is needed, I can advise on the scope of studies required.

I can advise on the scope of focused, proportionate assessments. Resources can then be focused on the most significant environmental effects.

Technical Review

I can review your environmental reports, ES chapters, screening and scoping reports.

I have extensive experience of undertaking reviews for IEMA, local planning authorities and private clients.


I am experienced in preparing and delivering training courses and webinars.

I have provided EIA training for universities, local planning authorities and environmental consultants.

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